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Rapid COVID-19 NP Swab & Antibody Testing

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic businesses, government and healthcare centers have relied on PCR-based testing to identify the virus in infected individuals, and determine antigens in those who have had the disease. The tests have been extremely accurate in determining a positive or negative result, however; they can take days to return due to heavy laboratory test sample volumes. Despite their accuracy, the time it takes to return a test can be ineffective for infection control and they are costly to process due to the equipment needed.

Rapid COVID-19 testing is available now for everyone. These rapid PCR tests can provide results within 15 minutes. This new test is only being offered by healthcare providers, such as our urgent care center. The test was designed and manufactured by Abbott and is FDA approved. This has greatly accelerated the diagnosis and detection of COVID-19 in a person. It also is easily accessible and accurate enough that it can quickly identify patients who require isolation.

Our urgent care center is proud to announce we are providing the Abbot Rapid COVID-19 PCR testing for detection of the virus and antigen presence. Appointments can be made on our website, or you can visit our site on a walk-in basis.

Facts about Rapid COVID-19 Testing:

  • Anyone who requests a rapid test can receive one.
  • Children ages 2yrs and older can receive this test.
  • Patients can receive a rapid COVID test and antigen test at the same time.
  • Testing is provided for all purposes including travel, preoperative, work, school, etc.
  • Positive, symptomatic patients are interpreted as positive given the low rate of false negatives.

Our urgent care center is open 7 days a week with convenient hours. In addition to COVID testing, we are still providing urgent medical care to our community on a regular basis. Our center is clean, safe and nationally accredited.

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