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Flu Shots Available Now!

$25 Quadrivalent Flu Shots
$65 Fluzone Flu Shots( High-Dose 65yrs & Older)
(Please note not all centers are offering the high-dose flu vaccine)

$65 School & Sports Exams

$65 School, Sports & Camp Physicals for Children
Be sure to bring your child’s health history and medical information,
as we as all forms to be completed.

Our Urgent Care Services

Our urgent care centers provide complete care on a walk-in basis. Our services include treatment for injuries and illnesses, vaccines, flu shots, general medical care, physical exams, occupational medicine, digital x-rays, lab testing, iv hydration, pediatric care, travel medicine and drug and alcohol testing. In addition, we partner with local businesses and corporate facilities to provide a full spectrum of occupational health. Just walk in for any one of our services!

Excel Urgent Care:

Serving in New York & New Jersey

Excel Urgent Care provides value-based medical care when you need it most. We are an exceptional alternative to the ER for all your non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Our centers are open 7 days a week, weekend, and most holidays. Some of our sites even have late night hours. Our skilled team of providers and medical professionals are always here for you and your family when you need care the most. Appointments are never needed, but you can reserve your spot online for an even faster experience.

Excel Urgent Care is proud to provide services to many areas in the Hudson Valley, NY, New York City, Long Island, NY, Norther, and Central, New Jersey. View our list of locations today to find a center near you.

COVID-19 at Excel urgent Care

At Excel Urgent Care we provide complete COVID-19 testing including, PCR nasal swab, rapid testing, and antigen testing. We offer testing for any and all your needs. Results are always reported to you through our COVID-19 lab results portal. Our center is clean, safe, and adheres to the guidelines set forth by the CDC.

For more information visit our COVID-19 Testing Page: Click Here

Get Your Lab Results: Click Here

Important Patient Documents: Click Here

Why Asthma May Be Worse During Colder Months

You may notice your asthma becomes less easily controlled during the winter months. Here are some explanations why this happens – Air temperature changes The colder temperature along with the air being drier can irritate the airways leading to more mucous production. This can cause bronchial constriction and wheezing. Respiratory illnesses During the winter months, respiratory […]

Monkeypox: What You Should Know

Monkeypox is a viral disease with symptoms in humans similar to smallpox, including fever and rash. Anyone can get and spread Monkeypox regardless of sexual orientation. Person to person transmission of the virus can be spread by direct contact with lesions, body fluids of an infected person or with virus-contaminated objects, such as bedding or clothing.  […]

Tick Bites: Know How to Protect Yourself

In the northeast we see ticks and tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease, all year round, but during the warmer weather tick bites are more prevalent. It’s important to be aware of how to prevent these bites and what do if one happens. Prevention The first step in prevention is to dress appropriately in tick infested […]

Important Facts on Hot Tub Rash

Happy Summer!  With vacations and summer gatherings starting, we would like to share with you a few safety tips from the CDC: – Do not submerge your head in a hot tub– Remove your swimsuit and shower with soap after after getting out of the water– Wash your swimsuit after using it –  Do not get […]

Circle Urgent Care & ER-DOX Urgent Care has Joined the Excel Urgent Care Family of Affiliate Centers!

We are thrilled that Circle Urgent Care and ER-DOX Urgent Care has joined our family of affiliate urgent care centers. For all patients of these centers, you can use our website to check your COVID-19 labs and make your reservations at these sites.

Please visit the following pages:
COVID-19 Lab Results

You will still receive the high level of quality and compassionate care that Circle Urgent Care and ER-DOX has and will always provide to it’s patients. The same friendly and caring staff are here to take care of you at these centers as always.