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Drug and Alcohol Testing at Excel Urgent Care

At Excel Urgent Care, we understand that you want your employee and business to stay safe at all times. Drug and alcohol testing has become a standard when hiring employees and continuation of employment. To ensure your workplace is safe and to prevent the hiring of those that may abuse alcohol or drugs, our urgent care centers provide complete testing. Working with us is so easy and your results are reported to you in a timely manner. Our medical professional are skilled at the handling and processing of all specimens.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services:
Urine Drug Testing
Rapid Urinalysis Screening
Hair Follicle Drug Testing
DOT BATS (Breathe Alcohol Testing)
Blood Panel Screening
Rapid Drug Testing
Court Ordered Testing
Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

What We Provide:
Timely Results
Reduced Wait Times
Professional, Skilled Staff
Best Care for Your Employees
Coordination of Results and Documentation
Timely Return to Work
No Appointments Needed
Eliminating of Time-Consuming Referral Procedures

*Please note that not all urgent care centers offer the exact same drug and alcohol testing services. Please contact the center you wish to use directly for more information.