Employer Business and Corporate Accounts at Excel Urgent Care

We provide cutting edge clinical services with the focus on prevention to keep your workplace safe. Our physicians are experts in the field of occupational medicine. We provide compassionate and value-based care to your employees and business needs. Our team of highly skilled providers and staff provide comprehensive employer-orientated care. We help employers evaluate the work environment and establish integrated occupational health protection and health promotion programs to advance the general health and well-being of their entire workforce.

Evaluating an employee’s workplace based on chemical, biological, physical and social environments help to determine the ability of an employee to perform work. Our physician lead team also focuses on reduced risk factors with employers to institute comprehensive health and safety programs aimed to encourage secure and productive workplaces.

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Our dedicated medical group supports the complete spectrum of workers' health and wellness needs.

Screenings for exposure to work related hazards such as asbestos, lead, and more.

Confidential medical exams to assess if a health problem is work related.

Assistance with Workers' Compensation and other benefits.

Coordination of care with specialty practices.

Disease prevention programs

Diagnosis and treatment of work-related hazards.

We Know OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
Our occupational medical experts have in depth knowledge about OSHA rules and regulations. We strive to get your employees back to work as quickly as possible with no downtime. Sometimes an injury or illness can prevent a worker from performing their daily tasks. Our team of experts can treat an employee’s medical needs and approve them for less intensive work. This way your employee doesn’t have to miss any days of work and can stay current on your company’s daily workflow.

Ergonomics is the science of designing work assignments to fit the employee, while keeping in mind the capabilities and restrictions of the human body. Effective ergonomic improvement process seeks to pinpoint and eliminate any concerns that affect maximum work capacity, and limit worker fatigue and discomfort while improving process efficiency and productivity.

Jobs and tasks that are uncomfortable cause pain or lead to the inability of the employee to perform their required work as a result of a combination of factors is poor ergonomics. These result in problems with productivity, efficiency, quality, and safety in the workplace. Ergonomic improvements result in overall satisfaction of the workers conditions and maximizes workflow. The goal is to prevent worker fatigue and discomfort that can lead to MSDs and help the company reach its goals in a positive and successful manner.