The Journey Back: Safely Returning to Work

Our organization is here to provide all your COVID-19 testing needs for those currently working and employees returning to work.

Our organizations understand the difficulty returning to work during this pandemic. That is why we are here to help support individuals and company needs. Our team will collaborate with you on the development of an accommodation plan for all your employees to ensure a safe return to work atmosphere for everyone.

What Employers Should Know

There are many things your company needs to think about before, during and after re-opening for business. Managing and setting up a door policy for staff and customers, to readiness of a possible COVID-19 exposure in the workplace is one of the most important things your business should have. Certainly, we are here to guide you through all the steps in returning to work. Additionally, it is important to understand the needs of your employees and to make them feel safe in their new work environments. Some employees may not have anyone to watch their children, have ill family members at home, or are at a higher risk themselves. Establishing good communication and asking how your employee’s feel about their safety should be a top priority.

Indeed, daily adjustments to work flow may need to be made as changes come about and unexpected instances occur. Patterning with us will ensure your company has the best operational management and guidance it needs to be successful in returning to work during, and post COVID life.

COVID Testing

Our organization is here for all individuals that need COVID-19 testing services who are currently in the workforce and those that are returning. We are testing all workers from all industries such as first responders, retail, food industry, nursing homes, medical facilities, and many more. Some companies and organizations are requiring testing prior to returning to work. Additionally, some states have placed rules and regulations in action that require weekly, or bi-weekly testing for all employees. Everyone wants make returning to work as safe as possible during this pandemic. Certainly, we encourage everyone who needs testing to visit one of our centers today.

COVID-19 Testing & Services Our Urgent Care Centers Are Providing:

COVID Evaluations
COVID-19 Testing & Re-Testing (NP Swab)
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Testing
Curbside evaluations and testing
Work notes if COVID-19 NP Swab is positive
Treating respiratory and non-respiratory Illnesses
Treatment of injuries (on or off the job)
Access to lab results

What Our Urgent Cares are Providing Employers:
Establish an overall corporate goal
Addressing healthcare needs
Documents for your workplace
Administrative and resource support for your leadership
Tools, resources and references available
Consulting for post COVID life

Why Choose Our Urgent Care Centers:
Avoid the ER (Hot Spot)
Still treating all your illnesses and injuries
Less wait time than the ER
Fully accredited urgent care by the UCA (Urgent Care Association)
Best environment
Clean and safe center
Working with employers daily
Prompt care when you need it most
Resources for returning to work safely
Following safety guidelines set forth by the CDC and Health Department
PPE worn by all staff including gowns, gloves and N-95 masks
Sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces regularly
Staying up to date on all protocols and regulations as mandated by the State and CDC

Our Urgent Care Centers are open 7 days a week with convenient hours. Committed to providing quality and professional urgent medical care to our community on a regular basis. Our center is clean, safe and nationally accredited by the UCA.

Stay safe and thank you for being our patient!

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