Cold Weather Slip and fall Injuries: Treatment and Prevention

Slip and fall injuries are very common during the winter months. Indeed, We all get excited to ski, snowboard and go sledding. Along with the fun activities Winter brings comes cleaning up snow, shoveling, snow blowing and exposure to unsteady walkways. Hence, injuries occur often and a lot require medical treatment or diagnosis. Therefore, making sure you and your family stay safe is of utmost importance. Our urgent care is here to help with your slip and falls, as well as other Winter injuries.

Do you know what the most common Winter injuries are?
Slipping and falling on ice and snow
Muscle strain from shoveling snow or scraping ice off a car
Accidents while playing winter sports and activities

Our urgent care centers are equipped to handle most minor injuries related to the Winter months. Undoubtedly, prompt medical care right after an injury is important to ensure the prevention of an infection, proper healing and get on site x-rays if needed. Indeed, our providers and professional medical staff are skilled in wound care, fractures and muscle injury treatment. Visit one of our centers today if you have been injured so you can feel better and prevent any further injury.

We have On Site X-rays!

Our urgent care is here to treat all your Winter & Slip and Fall injuries!

Scrapes and abrasions
Ankle strains and twists
Muscle sprains and ligament strains
Broken bones
Back injuries
Knee pain
Sports injuries
Lacerations and stitches
Shoulder and neck injuries
Repetitive motion injuries
Pediatric care for ages 4mos and older

Prevention is Key!

It is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings during the Winter months and when storms hit. Undeniably, taking preventative measures to ensure your safety and the safety of others is essential. This can be the difference between an injury or staying safe. Follow these simple preventative steps to keep you safe in the cold months.

Wear appropriate footwear
Slow down, don’t rush, avoid long steps
Keep de-icer or sand on hand
Keep your cell phone handy in case of emergency
Use authorized paths
Use handrails
Focus on your footing
Report unsafe conditions
Step down, not out of cars
Wear protective gear during Winter sports
Supervise children playing outdoors in the snow
Take brakes and rehydrate when needed

More Serious Winter Injuries

For minor slip and fall injuries, such as the ones discussed above, please visit your PCP or our Urgent Care Center for prompt treatment.

Not all incidents will cause severe injury, but some Winter accidents can be quite serious, especially for certain age groups and for people suffering from previous injuries. If you or someone you know experiences a life-threatening injury, please call 911 or visit your local Emergency Room right away.

Call 911 or visit your local emergency room for head injuries, large fractures (bone thru skin), burns, heart attack symptoms, hip fractures, and spine injuries. (Please note this is not a complete list of life-threatening/serious injuries. When in doubt call 911.)

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