We want to answer all your questions about COVID testing at our urgent care center. Our goal is to help each and every patient who needs testing.

What types of COVID testing do you offer?

At this time, our Urgent Care Centers provide the safest, and latest approved COVID-19 tests to identify the virus in people with and without symptoms. Our clinicians reserve the right to administer the test they deem best suited for each individual patient and his or her unique situation. Please call ahead of time if you require a specific COVID-19 test, or to obtain information about the specific tests offered at the Urgent Care Center nearest you.

Do I need an appointment for a COVID-19 test?

No. Our urgent care is a walk-in center. However, we do recommend appointments and they can be made on our website.

How long do I have to wait for COVID-19 test results?

PCR test results are usually available within 24 – 48 hours, but can take longer (up to 7 days) depending upon volume and test availability. Due to high call volume, if it has not been 3 days since your test was performed, please wait before calling the site.

How do I get my COVID-19 test results?

Due to high call volume, if it has not been 3 days since your test was performed, please wait before calling the site. Our staff will contact you with your result when it has been received. You can also visit the COVID Patient Information section of our website.

Can I be tested for COVID-19 without insurance?

Yes! You can visit our center for evaluation and testing if you do not have an insurance plan.

What is the cost of COVID testing?

Insurance coverage for COVID-19 testing may vary. Please verify costs and coverage with your individual insurance carrier directly.

I am in need of a pre-operative COVID-19 test. How many days before my procedure should I come in to get tested?

Patients are advised to schedule their COVID-19 tests 72 to 96 hours (3 to 4 days) PRIOR to their procedure. Please double check with your doctor or surgery center to confirm how soon before your procedure you should get tested.

Do I need a prescription for COVID testing?

No. Our urgent care perform COVID-19 tests on both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients without a prescription. Your provider will talk to you about the best testing option for your unique situation.

Should I get a PCR test?

People with and without symptoms can get a PCR test to confirm their COVID-19 status. PCR tests are more accurate in detecting the virus in those without symptoms or those with symptoms who may not be at the peak of their illness.

sources: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/testing.html

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