• Facts About the Flu Vaccine

    Facts About the Flu Vaccine

    Why is it Important to Get A Flu Vaccine? The Flu is a potentially serious disease and can lead to hospitalization, infections and sometimes death. Getting vaccinated each year is important to help prevent getting sick because we encounter different types of flu virus strains annually. Not only does the flu vaccine help you stay

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  • Safely Returning to Work

    Safely Returning to Work

    The Journey Back: Safely Returning to Work Our organization is here to provide all your COVID-19 testing needs for those currently working and employees returning to work. Our organizations understand the difficulty returning to work during this pandemic. That is why we are here to help support individuals and company needs. Our team will collaborate

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  • COVID-19 Antibody Test (IgG) Now Available to All Individuals and Employers

    What is COVID-19? COVID-19 antibody test, can recognize and alert to the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. COVID is a virus that can cause mild to severe respiratory illness. Most experts also believe the virus sometimes causes very few or even no symptoms in some people. There is limited information available to characterize clinical illnesses

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  • Telemedicine and Curbside Medical Care

    Telemedicine and Curbside Medical Care

    We are now providing telemedicine and curbside medical care, and COVID-19 evaluations and testing at some of our Urgent Care Centers! We understand the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis has changed everyone’s way of life. Excel Urgent Care & Affiliates are doing everything we can to help our community during this time, telemedicine and curbside medical

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  • Coronavirus Safety of Our Patients

    Coronavirus Safety of Our Patients

    Coronavirus safety is of utmost importance during these trying times. During this time of year we understand you are concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As your healthcare partner, we would like our patients to know that the safety of our patients is our top priority.  We also want to reassure you that while Coronavirus has

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